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Education is a lifelong asset, so give your child the gift of a lifetime and invest in their education today

Whiz-Kid Tuition tutor maths english and science KS2, KS3, GCSE, AS and A2 all Southampton and Guildford all exam boards Hampshire and Surrey 

The Whiz-Kid way...

Whiz-Kid Tutors have undergone an enhanced check (Disclosure and Barring service check, formarly known as CRB check) to give you peace of mind

All Whiz-Kid Tutors have an understanding of Data Protection so all your details will always be kept secure


 How can we achieve our Mission Statement?

Whiz-Kid Tuition has a proven process in selecting professional and courteous tutors that make our team so valuable. Every one of our tutors promote and supports student led tuition so that each and every student can excel without unnecessary pressures and at their own pace.



The fundamentals to achieving our Mission?

 Improving each and every student's learning is the expectation we aim to meet. Our success is underpinned towards striving towards achieving the fundamentals of understanding, listening and communicating effectively with our students. Our Whiz-Kid tutors also appreciate the added importance of being non-judgemental



Why our clients choose Whiz-Kid Tuition? 

Our tutors are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach and parents often find that the same positivity is eventually echoed by their child

The mojority of our clients continue with one to one tuition from Whiz-Kid tutors over a seven month period and recommend Whiz-Kid to other parents



Don't forget we are 'Budget Friendly' 

 We offer a competitive fixed hourly rate of £20 per hour* regardless of age or subject. We also offer discounts on block bookings please request information about latest offers

*Applies per pupil. 1 session per subject. All fees payable in advance (Whiz-Kid payment before booking policy) example of offers **10% discount - Minimum 14 sessions to be booked amounting to 1 session per week. Per pupil. All fees payable in advance (Whiz-Kid payment before booking policy)



Latest News and Events

2015 Grade changes from letters to numerical

We currently have eight grades and when the new grading is introduced we will have nine, with grade 9 bring the best available grade. How will the numerical correlate to the old lettered one?


April 2014


Tougher new GCSE's are being revealed in England with a stronger emphasis on Maths skills


8 January 2014


Estonia have been teaching computer programming to primary school children and from September 2014 schools in England will be introducing computer programming as part of the national curriculum


7 January 2014


From September 2014 it will be compulsory for primary school children 7+ to learn another language. A study found that teenagers in English schools had the worst language skills in Europe



 My son Edward was told he would be sitting a higher maths exam than we had originally anticipated. Edwards tutor gave him one to one support at the local library after school for 11 weeks. So proud that Edward achieved A* in Maths. He currently has an A Level tutor again from Whiz-Kid. He is hoping to get through his A Level's to go into Medicine. Tutors are young but so inspirational! 

Mrs E Jorden 15th October 2015

 Charlotte really benefited from the extra tuition by Aidan. She achieved an A in her maths statistic exam which she feels would not have been possible without Whiz-Kid help

H & A Gregory - 8th September 2014

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to John who is currently tutoring my son Harry with KS2 Maths. Harry’s Maths teacher mentioned how she has seen a noticeable difference in his attitude during the Maths lessons and there has been great improvement in his homework marks. We will be continuing the tuition sessions for Harry as they have benefited him so much. I am definitely recommending Whiz-Kid Tuition to other parents at Harry’s school

Mrs Hillary A M - April 3rd 2014

My Daughter loved meeting Luke and they hit it off quite well...she responded to him and listened to him

Mrs N M - May 18 2014